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Options for Recovering your Tax Information

Posted by Admin Posted on Aug 07 2015

Moving on to a CPA to get your taxes filed? Buying a new home? Need a loan to start a business? Know an independent student in need of financial aid? Often times you’ll need your prior years’ tax returns to provide prior records, prove income or display need for financial aid. If you are unable to find or retrieve your records from wherever you normally store them you can request a transcript from the IRS with the tax information you need or a copy of the tax return. The IRS has temporarily stopped the online functionality of the Get Transcript application process, however, you can still use it to get a copy mailed to the last address that was on file with the IRS. You can also send via fax or mail a 4506T-EZ for an Individual Tax Return Transcript. Use form 4506-T for Businesses or Individuals who need a tax account transcript.

You can read more here at the IRS website: